Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Review- Best Essential Oil Diffuser!

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Review- Best Essential Oil Diffuser!

So today we’re going to take a quick break from candles and review one of my personal favorite products, the Anjou essential oil diffuser, one of the best, if not THE best essential oil diffuser that I have personally ever used.

One of the main reasons I love this oil diffuser is not only because of how great it can disperse the scent of your oil but the fact that it’s strong enough to also be used as a humidifier. This doesn’t make the scent too strong though because you can always control how much oil you put into your essential oil diffuser.

So without further ado, here are the reasons why I believe the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best if not the best essential oil diffuser you can buy right now.

Product- Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

Cheapest place bought from-

Price- $34.99

Overall Review- 9/10

Essential Oil Diffuser

The Stronger The Better

So sometimes in the case of candles, sometime stronger does not mean better. Some candles with heavy notes are meant to be a little lighter on the scent end as not to over power. In the case of essential oil diffusers though, stronger is always better. The reason why I say this is because essential oil diffusers can also act as humidifiers and if anyone has ever owned a weak humidifier, it’s very very frustrating. The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is the strongest one I’ve ever owned, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

You might be thinking, if it’s so strong, wouldn’t that make it overpowering? Well you see the great thing about essential oil diffusers is that you control how strong you want it to be by deciding on how much oil to put in it. If you want a stronger scent you put more essential oil in your diffuser, and vice versa if you want a lighter scent. You’re in control!

The coolest thing about the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is their patent pending oil flow system. You are still in control with how much oil you decide to put in but with most other essenEssential Oil Diffusertial oil diffusers, you have to constantly add more oil to keep up with your desired scent strength,

with the Anjou diffuser, you can simply add instead of 3-4 drops of oil, 30-40 drops and it will provide continuous scent strength for roughly 11-15 hours on low mode and 6-10 hours on high mode!

Consistency Is Key

So as I previously mentioned most oil diffusers you have to keep adding oil to keep up with your desired scent strength due to diminishing scent, with Anjou’s patent pending technology, they can provide a consistent scent that will not have to be refilled with oil until it runs out of water (11-15 hours of use time).

One of my biggest cons with a lot of other essential oil diffusers was simply the fact that the scent wasn’t consistent, if you’ve ever owned an oil diffuser you would know what I’m talking about. The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser simply makes it a thing of the past, you get consistent a scent, without having to refill it with more oil until it’s out of water, what more could you ask for? This is one of my biggest reasonings for this being the best essential oil diffuser!

Longevity And Noise Efficiency

Another couple of unique qualities of the Anjou diffuser is the run time (how long you have before you have to refill it with water and it’s ability to stay relatively silent while it’s on.

Longevity- As stated before the Anjou diffuser can last 11-15 hours on it’s low setting and 6-10 hours on high mode. The difference between modes is simply how strong the vapor is coming from the diffuser. It’s actually amazing it’s able to run 6-10 hours on high mode (personally I consistently get 9 hours). On my other essential oil diffusers I’ve used I usually get around 7-9 hours but the strength of them would be considered “low”.

Most essential oil diffusers don’t have a high or low mode option, it’s just set to a single option when you turn it on, and the strength is dependent on the brand you buy. You might get low, you might get medium, you never know unless you use it. I find it to be a very attractive feature to have the low or high option. Especially since the low option gets around 11-15 hours.

Noise efficiency- Another problem with some other essential oil diffusers is how loud they can be, most aren’t too bad but are still noticeable when turned on. The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is by far the quietest Essential Oil Diffuser I own. While it’s on you almost don’t hear it at all, I say almost because you do here a slight noise of the steam coming out but very slightly. This makes the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser a great choice if you want to use it during bed time.

Is It Worth Your Money?

In my opinion, Absolutely! I love my Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser, I have it running throughout the day and at night I like to use calming and relaxing oils to help me sleep. Not only that but living in Michigan especially in winter, sometimes the air can become quite dry, so if need be I can skip putting essential oil in it and just use it as a humidifier which is really is convenient not having to purchase a separate one.

If you’re thinking about getting an essential oil diffuser, I highly recommend this one. For a great price you get an essential oil diffuser with different modes, noise reduction technology, a patent-pending oil flow system, and a humidifier all in one!

If you decide to pick one up let me know! I love my Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser so leave a comment as I’d love to hear how much you love yours as well, or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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