Best Scented Candle Review- Bahama Breeze By Yankee Candle

Best Scented Candle Review- Bahama Breeze By Yankee Candle

Alright guys so today starts the first in a series I like to call best scented candle- candle flavor of the week! This will basically be an overview of a scent possibly sent in from someone or one that I personally enjoy. Read below to find the best scented candle review!

So the way that the candle flavor of the week will be reviewed is by 3 different categories. Not all candles are created equally, some candles last longer, some candles are a bit stronger, and some candles will keep on making you come back to buy more because they’re just that good. The 3 categories that the candle of the week will be reviewed by will be the following

Scent- What’s the overall scent the candle is projecting, maybe it’s a deep woody scent or a light fruity scent. What are the notes of the candle?

Strength- How strong is it? can you smell the scent throughout the room or can you smell it throughout the house? Is it too much or too little?

Last but not least, Longevity- How long does it last? If you were to leave this candle running all day (not something everyone does but I do for test purposes) would it keep burning until the next? Would it only last that day? Not all waxes melt slow, not all waxes melt fast. Different waxes make a difference!

Each of these will be rated 1-5 and then at the end will have an overall rating. Enjoy!

Bahama Breeze by Yankee Candle

This weeks candle flavor of the week is going to be Yankee Candles- Bahama Breeze

Bought From-

Candle Size- 22 oz.


So here are the notes of Bahama Breeze by Yankee Candle

Top: Exotic Fruits, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit

Mid: Mango, Peach, Tropical Fruits

Base: Musk

As you can see the top and mid notes are very fruity, but when the candle is lit it’s not overpowering, in all honesty, it’s actually quite refreshing! On Yankee Candles website this is listed as a spring fragrance which doesn’t seem wrong, maybe if it’s lit during the afternoon-evening but I get more of a warm summer night vibe from it myself. In either situation though, the scent is beautiful! This is actually one of my personal favorite scents, hence why I decided to make it the first candle flavor of the week!

Scent Rate- 5/5


Here’s where the candles strength, might be its weakness (pun intended). Although the scent of this candle is beautiful and refreshing, it lacks a tad in the strength department. Now this might vary depending on room size, if you live in an apartment were the rooms are a bit smaller you will have zero issues with strength. Although if you rooms are a bit larger or maybe you have a window opened that might draw the scent a bit, you’ll still definitely be able to smell it just not as strong as various other candles. If you’re looking for a strong candle that will be the first thing someone notices when they walk into your house, it may not be for you. If you’re looking for a scent though that will be quite enjoyable, although not as strong this might be for you.

Strength Rate- 3/5


Now here’s one of the reasons why I love Yankee Candles so much, although not all of their candles last the same length of time, they all burn for quite a long time. On their website Yankee Candle testifies to this particular candle burning from around 110-150 hours. I personally got around 5 days total or around 120 hours. Remember this is the candle burning from start to finish. Not many people do that so it may last longer for you.

Longevity Rate- 4/5

Is It Worth It?

So is it worth it? Yes! I think that this candle is a beautifully scented, and even though may not be the strongest, longevity is great and the scent definitely makes up for it. If you’re borderline picking this scent up and just needed that one sign for someone to tell you to get it, this is it! If you decide to get this scent I hope you enjoy it!

Overall Rate- 4/5

I also hope you guys enjoy my review! If you’d like to see anything else always feel free to let me know!

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