Best Scented Candle Review- Dreamy Summer Nights By Yankee Candle

Best Scented Candle Review- Dreamy Summer Nights By Yankee Candle

Alright guys it’s Monday morning so you know what that means! Time for the newest best scented candle review! Before we get into it, for any newcomers to, below I will list the categories of which the candle is judged on as well as an overview of those said categories.

So the way that the candle flavor of the week will be reviewed is by 3 different categories. Not all candles are created equally, some candles last longer, some candles are a bit stronger, and some candles will keep on making you come back to buy more because they’re just that good. The 3 categories that the candle of the week will be reviewed by will be the following

Scent- What’s the overall scent the candle is projecting, maybe it’s a deep woody scent or a light fruity scent. What are the notes of the candle?

Strength- How strong is it? can you smell the scent throughout the room or can you smell it throughout the house? Is it too much or too little?

Last but not least, Longevity- How long does it last? If you were to leave this candle running all day (not something everyone does but I do for test purposes) would it keep burning until the next? Would it only last that day? Not all waxes melt slow, not all waxes melt fast. Different waxes make a difference!

Each of these will be rated 1-5 and then at the end will have an overall rating. Enjoy!

Dreamy Summer Nights By Yankee Candle

This Weeks candle flavor of the week is going to be Yankee Candles- Dreamy Summer Nights

Bought From-

Candle Size- 22 oz.


Here are the notes of Dreamy Summer Nights

Top: Vanilla Sugar

Mid: Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid

Base: Vanilla Bean, Amber, Cedarwood

So let me start off by saying this is not one of my personal favorite scents, but is still highly enjoyable! The real downfall of this candle is it’s strength (will get into that shortly).

Many people love this candle and some strongly dislike it, personally for me it’s one of those scents that you’ll love to burn when you get it, but might not be a flavor you go out of your way to purchase again. The top note is vanilla sugar and unfortunately vanilla is about the only thing I could smell with this candle. Although it wasn’t a sweet vanilla, it was more of a woodsy, deeper vanilla, if that makes sense, and that would probably be from the cedar wood base note. The scent is great, but like I said, you really only get a strong vanilla out of it which although a beautiful woodsy vanilla, would’ve liked to smell a bit more from it.

The scent also doesn’t really give me a summer night vibe as you would think from the name. This seems more of a “mood setting scent”, sort of romantic. I mean it definitely smells great on a summers night, just not the first candle flavor that comes to mind when I think summer.

Scent Rate- 4/5


The strength as I mentioned prior is really the reason why I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this candle. I’ve actually burned this candle a couple of times and both times, the scent strength just wasn’t there. I’ve seen reviews from others claiming it was one of the strongest candles they’ve ever had, for me personally, I disagree. Now this was not by far the weakest candle I’ve ever burned, it just definitely wasn’t the strongest either.

Like I said before you get a strong woodsy vanilla scent from this candle but for some reason it just can’t seem to fill up a room with its beautiful flavor.

It’s a beautifully scented candle, unfortunately not a beautiful scent you’ll most likely notice when you first come home, at least it wasn’t for me.

Scent Rate- 3/5


So although it lacks in strength, longevity is where this candle shines. If your candle can’t be strong, the least it can do is last you a little while, right? Well with Dreamy Summer Nights by Yankee Candles I got a whopping 150 hours of burn time, which is amazing! It’s at the top end of what Yankee Candles claims so I’m pretty happy with that! Let’s also keep in mind the time I mentioned is with the candle burning 24/7. Pretty awesome!

Longevity Rate- 5/5

Is It Worth It?

So is it worth it? I’d say yes! Even if this isn’t a candle I’d personally go out to buy repeatedly, I think many of you guys who haven’t smelled it before will love this scent! Dreamy Summer Nights by Yankee Candle, although lacking in the strength department is a beautiful flavor that I hope you enjoy if you decide to purchase it!

Overall Rate- 4/5

I hope you guys enjoyed my review and if you do decide to purchase this wonderful candle flavor, make sure to let me know!

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