Best Scented Candle Review- Honey Clementine By Yankee Candle

Best Scented Candle Review- Honey Clementine By Yankee Candle

Alright guys! Today is going to be another best scented candle review and this time I’ll be reviewing Honey Clementine by Yankee Candle. I was asked the other day why I’ve only done Yankee Candles so far and the reason is because so far those have been the ones people have sent in asking to be reviewed! If you’d like to see a candle be reviewed send it in and I’d love to review it! So before we start let me go over the basic of this review and what I cover.

So the way that the best scented candle review will be judged is by 3 different categories. Not all candles are created equally, some candles last longer, some candles are a bit stronger, and some candles will keep on making you come back to buy more because they’re just that good. The 3 categories that the candle of the week will be reviewed by will be the following

Scent- What’s the overall scent the candle is projecting, maybe it’s a deep woody scent or a light fruity scent. What are the notes of the candle?

Strength- How strong is it? can you smell the scent throughout the room or can you smell it throughout the house? Is it too much or too little?

Last but not least, Longevity- How long does it last? If you were to leave this candle running all day (not something everyone does but I do for test purposes) would it keep burning until the next? Would it only last that day? Not all waxes melt slow, not all waxes melt fast. Different waxes make a difference!

Each of these will be rated 1-5 and then at the end will have an overall rating. Enjoy!

Honey Clementine by Yankee Candle


This weeks best scented candle review is going to be Yankee Candles- Honey Clementine

Bought From-

Candle Size- 22 oz.


Here are the notes of Honey Clementine by Yankee Candle

Top: Orange Peel
Mid: Clementine
Base: Hone

So, as you see, there isn’t anything to fancy going on here. Some candles especially from Yankee Candle (just because they’re a larger company) can some times be a little over the top in terms of the notes within the candle. The reason why I personally enjoy this scent is because it smells like what they say it does. There’s nothing over the top and no notes that don’t have to be in there.

Like I had mentioned the scent is very straightforward. It’s a tad sweeter than my liking but overall a very enjoyable scent! I think the orange peel helps to draw from the sweetness which I’m happy about, there’s just moments you get more honey and it sort of takes over but not for long and doesn’t happen often!

Scent Rate- 4/5


Some people seem to have a hard time smelling this candle. I’ve seen a few reviews of people saying once they started burning it they couldn’t smell anything at all or very little. yankee-candle-honey-clementine

Personally I had zero problems with strength with this candle. You have to remember that it is more of a citrus scent so usually that automatically makes it a tad lighter on the strength end but as far as not being able to smell it, that’s far from my experience with this candle. I found it to be a beautiful scent to walk in to when I got back home and it’s one of those candles that you can smell as soon as you walk in, but not like a hit you in the face smell, rather just a nice flow of aroma. It’s not a super strong candle but I think that’s what makes this candle so nice is because its strength matches its scent!

Scent Rate- 5/5


Unfortunately, I can’t burn every candle I review 24/7 to get it’s approximate burn time from a personal end. But that’s the beauty of Yankee Candle is they’re pretty on the ball with the burn time of their candles. Yankee Candles claims 110-150 hours of burn time, if I can remember correctly this candle lasted me a few weeks of just casual burning it through the day time so I’d say it hit somewhere between those two numbers.

For me, I was happy with the burn time I got out of the candle!

Longevity Rate- 5/5

Is It Worth It?

I definitely think that this candle is worth it! The scent is beautiful, you get all 3 notes and I think since the strength isn’t overwhelming it makes it all that much better. If you love candles with a sweet citrus scent, this candle is for you.

This is a candle I’d definitely buy again in the future!

Overall Rate- 5/5

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  • This candle sounds yummy! Is there anything in particular you are aware of that citrus aids in? I know a lot if candles help with the overall ambience, just wondering about this one with its sweet and somewhat tangy scent. Thank you for another awesome review!!

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