Best Scented Candle Review- Peace & Tranquility By Chesapeake Bay

Best Scented Candle Review- Peace & Tranquility By Chesapeake Bay

It’s time for another best scented candle review guys! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback lately of people wanting to see other candles being reviewed besides Yankee Candle so today will be a review on the beautiful Peace & Tranquility by Chesapeake Bay!

Below will be an explanation on what the best scented candle review is judged by, enjoy!

So the way that the best scented candle review will be judged is by 3 different categories. Not all candles are created equally, some candles last longer, some candles are a bit stronger, and some candles will keep on making you come back to buy more because they’re just that good. The 3 categories that the candle of the week will be reviewed by will be the following

Scent- What’s the overall scent the candle is projecting, maybe it’s a deep woody scent or a light fruity scent. What are the notes of the candle?

Strength- How strong is it? can you smell the scent throughout the room or can you smell it throughout the house? Is it too much or too little?

Last but not least, Longevity- How long does it last? If you were to leave this candle running all day (not something everyone does but I do for test purposes) would it keep burning until the next? Would it only last that day? Not all waxes melt slow, not all waxes melt fast. Different waxes make a difference!

Each of these will be rated 1-5 and then at the end will have an overall rating. Enjoy!

Peace & Tranquility By Chesapeake Bay

chesapeake bay pt

This weeks best scented candle review is going to be Chesapeake Bays- Peace & Tranquility

Bought From-

Candle Size- 12.5 oz


Here are the notes of Peace & Tranquility by Chesapeake Bay

Top notes: Aldehydic, Lily Of The Valley, Bergamot

Middle notes: Jasmine, Cotton Blossom, Rose, Ylang Ylang

Base notes: Cashmere Wood, Musk, Sandalwood

Essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Cedarwood

At first glance this candles notes seem a bit over the place but in all honesty, I absolutely love the scent of this candle! It is a softer scent but it really does seem to live up to its name.

I light this candle a few hours before I’m going to bed (it’s definitely an evening scent in my opinion) and within that period, which is usually my wind down time, I’m completely relaxed and calmed within an hour! At first, you get a lot of jasmine, it’s potent but in an odd way not overpowering and within little time you start to get notes of the cashmere woods and sandalwood, and lemon and turns into a refreshing scent. I personally didn’t get much of the white musk which is alright because the scent is beautiful none less!

It’s a clean, refreshing smell that I personally can’t get enough of!

Scent Rate- 5/5


So what I’ve personally noticed with Chesapeake Bay is that the ‘throw’ of their candles isn’t always the best. With their Peace & Tranquility candle I’d say it’s not the worst but definitely not the best. This candle seems to work better in smaller rooms as with bigger rooms it seems it just can’t fill them, which really is quite a shame considering the scent is amazing. chesapeake-bay

Where the candle lacks in strength it makes up for scent but I still wish its projection was at least a little better. After I light it in my living room, it takes about 15-20 minutes to start to even smell which is pretty bad, although I noticed when I light it in my bedroom it takes around 5-10 minutes to start smelling so like I mentioned earlier, you might want to use this candle in smaller rooms!

Strength Rate- 3/5


This candles longevity was actually quite good, on Amazon it says its burn time is right around 70 hours for the large size which is the one I ended up getting. The candle has lasted me a few weeks so far and is almost out so I’d say personally, I’m pretty happy with that.

The large is only 12.5 oz, so with that being said it doesn’t have the best longevity out of a lot of other candles I’ve had, but like I said was still happy with it!

Longevity Rate- 4/5

Is It Worth It?

I think this candle is definitely worth the buy! The ‘throw’ may not be the best but the scent itself is beautiful and I would recommend this candle to anyone. It’s a very refreshing, clean scent and honestly they were spot on with what they were trying to achieve which was peace & Tranquility!

I’ll be buying this candle again in the future!

Overall Rate- 4/5

If you enjoyed this review or would like to share your thoughts on this beautiful candle please leave a comment, thank you!

Response to "Best Scented Candle Review- Peace & Tranquility By Chesapeake Bay"

  • I like the sound of this candle and using it for the bedroom when winding down. It might be nice in the bathroom too. I actually love jasmine, so I think the scent would work well for me. I could certainly do with some peace and tranquillity! Thanks for this.

  • Hi Keenan,
    Well done review of the “Peace & Tranquility” by Chesapeake Bay Candle. I never knew about the rating system for candles. I will remember this for future references.
    Is the “throw” of a candle the strength in which the scent is spread out through the room? As I said, I don’t know a lot about candles.
    Does the Chesapeake Bay company offer other scents as well?
    I will let my, Cindy, know about the “Peace & Tranquility” candle. She loves candles, especially to help her unwind from the day.
    Good job, looking forward to other reviews in the future.
    Thank you,
    johnny, the Gray Wolf.

    • I appreciate your comment Johnny! And you are correct, the throw is the strength in which the scent is spread out through the room! Chesapeake Bay does have a variety of other scents that I will be reviewing hopefully within the near future! 🙂

  • I used to buy Chesapeake Bay candles all the time when I lived in Virginia. I was quite happy with all of the candles that I purchased from them. I’ll have to give this scent a try. I love the smell of jasmine and cashmere…and pretty much everything you listed! lol:) I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I purchased that brand because I don’t really see it here in the south south. Thanks for the link and the review!

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