Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser Review- Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser Review- Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Today I go over guys another amazing product and a little review list I call the best essential oil diffuser! The essential oil diffuser I’ll be going over today will be the Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser otherwise known as Breathe Essential.

The Breathe Essential comes with many different features that make this beautiful diffuser quite unique! It’s a very strong diffuser that not only offers an integrated shut-off timer but also a pretty cool adjustable LED light with 2 different settings- steady color or changing color! I personally love this feature as it sort of adds to the calming effect while using certain essential oils such as lavender!

Below is my full review of the Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser, enjoy!

Product- Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser

Cheapest Place Bought At-

Price- $26.99

Overall Review- 10/10



One of the reasons I love the Breathe Essential so much is because of how strong it is. As I mentioned in some of my previous essential oil diffuser blog posts, you want your essential oil diffuser to be strong! This is all referring to the vapor that comes out of it, not scent of course.

Now it isn’t the strongest I’ve ever had, that title is currently held by the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser but they’re honestly right up there with each other. The Breathe Essential is strong enough to be used as a humidifier living in Michigan with the cold- dry air that we’re currently experiencing (aka winter vortex) I think I’m more than qualified to state that as an honest opinion haha!

I have nothing bad to say about the strength on the Breathe Essential, they really hit the nail on the head with this one.

The Calming Effect

So as anyone knows that has ever owned an essential oil diffuser it’s that they are very calming, especially when using oils such as lavender or mint. The effects certain essential oils can have on your mind and body can be great! One of the reasons I love the Breathe Essential so much is because it has adjustable colored LED Lights where you can choose from 8 colors between two modes: steady on/changing color. You also have a selectable bright or dim option for 16 color options.

Personally throughout the day I’ll keep my Breathe Essential on a constant color (either blue or red) and on the bright setting and then when I go to bed I’ll put it on color changing and on the dim setting. For some reason the changing colors has a huge calming effect and helps me fall asleep fast. I’ve always struggled with falling asleep and have been someone who has always had to fall asleep in the dark with black out shades as to have no light interrupt my sleep, but for some reason the dim setting with color changing just helps calm me down and help me sleep better. We all need quality sleep!


The Breathe Essential has a high and low setting (pertaining to the vapor amount) and on the low setting it’ll run for 6 hours, on the high setting it’ll run up to 10 hours! For me I got 10 hours as stated by them and is actually one of the longest running essential oil diffusers I’ve used on the high setting. For some reason the low setting has a lower run time duration as it’s usually the other way around, but that neither here nor there. Getting 10 hours on the high setting is amazing and for me more than enough!

The Breathe essential also has 4 different automatic shut-off settings! The setting times are 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and 10 hours (their normal ‘on’ setting). I love essential oil diffusers that have the different automatic shut-off settings because this way if you forget to shut off your essential oil diffuser you don’t have to worry about wasting essential oil that didn’t have to be wasted!

The Breathe Essential also uses ultrasonic technology allowing it to be very quiet, which is also great for the sleep end. It’s actually one of the most quiet essential diffusers I’ve ever owned!

Is It Worth It?

Yes! The Breathe Essential is a beautiful essential oil diffuser, not only in terms of aesthetics but function as well. Aesthetically, I love the look of the Breathe Essential, and I think the wood look stands out and looks great in any home setting! Function wise, the Breathe Essential has many different features that makes this essential oil diffuser worth your money!

If you’re looking for an essential oil diffuser that will last you years to come, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BREATHE ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER! It has everything you need and could want in an essential oil diffuser!

If you have any questions or would love to share your opinion on this amazing essential oil diffuser, leave a comment! I’d love to know how much you love yours!

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  • Hey there, I just wanted to send a quick message that I too found this Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser absolutely fantastic and I too also recommend it and it worked for over 10 hours for me also. Great product and the price was one of the lowest I had seen elsewhere from Amazon – totally 10 out of 10 for me, this product works!

  • I have been considering an essential oil diffuser for a time now, but am never sure of what one to get. I will certainly look into this one. I like the fact that it has four different auto shut-off settings. One question, though, can the light just stay off while it is diffusing?

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