Happy Wax Signature Wax Melt Warmer- Best Wax Warmer Review

Happy Wax Signature Wax Melt Warmer- Best Wax Warmer Review

Today guys will be my first, best wax warmer review! I’ve owned quite a few wax warmers and even now keep 1 in each room almost! The review today will be on the Happy Wax Signature Wax Melter and why I find it to be on of the best wax melters!

So since I’ll be reviewing the wax melter itself and not any wax scents, this review may be a bit shorter than the others (not intentional)! This is because most wax melters are relatively the same in terms of function so I’ll be going over a few key points regarding style, longevity, etc.

Hope you all enjoy!

Product- Happy Wax Signature Wax Melt Warmer

Cheapest Place Found At- Amazon.com

Price- $39.95

Overall review- 8/10

Wax Warmer

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Not all wax warmers are made the same, meaning some are definitely more aesthetically pleasing than others.

The Happy Wax Signature Warmer is a great product, I love mine and it works great. The reason I gave this an 8/10 though is merely because it isn’t in my opinion the greatest looking candle warmer. Now you might feel differently and you may either dislike it more than me or maybe even love the look but as for me, I’m not too hooked on the look. It does come in a few different prints though which a couple I do actually like myself, you can check out the variety of prints here. As for the one pictured above, that’s the one I have because at the time they didn’t have the other prints so that’s what I’ll be basing this review on!

A wax warmer will most of the time be somewhere in your house where anyone who comes over can see it so it’s key to pick a style that you like. If I had a choice I’d go back and get their all white one (I like the simplistic look).

Innovative Design

One of the coolest things that I thought the Happy Wax Signature Warmer had (and the reason I actually even got it myself) is its silicone top where you put the wax in.

If you’ve ever owned a candle warmer you know that one of the biggest issues with them is that when you turn them off, once the wax hardens again, it can be near impossible at times to get out. The worst part is when you try to get the wax out and you end up getting wax shavings everywhere trying to claw it out. The Happy Wax Signature Warmer really does make that a thing of the past!happy-wax-signature

It really is so nice to be able to just take out the hardened wax and place a new wax scent in without any trouble. The wax comes out with ease and just makes this product worth it’s money in my opinion. No more clawing wax out of my warmer and no more wax shavings everywhere, I love it.

Integrated Timer

Another thing that I love about the Happy Wax Signature Warmer is that it has a built in timer, and you can set it for when you want it to shut off. Most wax warmer will just have the on/off switch on the power cord so you have to manually do it. The timer settings it has are 3, 6, and 9 hours.

Now it isn’t like manually doing it is in anywhere hard or inconvenient it’s just one of those things where you may forget to turn your wax warmer off when you go out, this means the wax you’re using will lose it’s scent faster. With an integrated timer it allows you to have it on when you want it to be on and if you forget to shut it off before you leave the house, or maybe just before you go to bed it’s no problem.

I find it very useful because when I wake up I can set it on the 6-hour timer, then when I have to go to work I know it’ll automatically shut off so I don’t have to worry about it staying on longer than it has to be!

Better Than The Rest?

Usually each wax warmer will have their own unique qualities that make it a good buy. Some look really nice, some innovative and others just cool features.

Like I stated before, the design of the Happy Wax Signature Melter isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but on the same note it doesn’t look bad, plus they have other designs!happy-wax

The unique patent pending silicone top on the Happy Wax Signature Melter is a total win in my book and makes taking the wax out feel like butter. The integrated timer is also a feature that I really enjoy on it. All in all I love mine, and I know others that love theirs too! I highly recommend it to anyone who is new getting into the wax warmer scene or just anyone looking to spice up their wax warmer variety!

If you have any questions or would just like to share your thoughts on this wax warmer please feel free to leave a comment! Thank you!

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