Richly Scented Candles- Find Your Candle Match

Richly Scented Candles- Find Your Candle Match

Richly Scented Candles

Finding a candle flavor that suites you best can sometimes be quite difficult! Whether you love lighter scents or richly scented candles, it’s not always easy. This holds especially true to people who rarely buy candles and/or to people who love to stick to just one scent and are thinking of possibly venturing out toward different scents. Although whether you’re buying a candle for the first time in a while or a regular candle connoisseur, the question always stays the same. Does it make scents?

Today we’re going to be going through a few key pointers when it comes to making the decision on which candle to buy! As long as you follow the tips mentioned down below you’ll find a candle scent you love in no time at all! From the location of your candle to the actual scent of it and how to find one that suites you best, these tips will lead you in the right direction to finding your candle flavor.

Tis The Season For Scents

One scent you can never go wrong with is the scent that’ll match the season that your currently in! so for instance, say it’s currently fall, the type of scents you’re going to be looking at are one’s like, pumpkin, cinnamon, cinnamon apple and maybe even something like cinnamon pecan! (see the commonality in most of them). For summer, you’re going to have some lighter scents to go with the warm days and cool nights, these scents can range from different things such as coconut, mandarin and even bamboo. Winter scents can range from cinnamon, chestnut, and even the most well-known, peppermint! Picking a scent that matches your season is always a great idea and will almost always lead you to a scent you’ll absolutely love coming home to everyday!

What type of mood are you trying to set?

So if you decide to go against a scent that lines up with your season or maybe you just want to get one a little less common, you have to ask yourself, will it create the mood I’m looking for?

If you’re going for a more lively atmosphere you’d want to stay away from soothing and calmly scents such as lavender or eucalyptus. Or vise versa if you were wanting to have a more calm environment you’d want to stay away from scents such as orange or peppermint.

Certain scents can have certain effects on one’s mood and energy! Not many people tend to think about that aspect of candles but certain scents are scientifically proven to either increase mood, decrease stress, or just help calm a busy mind. So for your next candle scent as yourself what mood you’re trying to set, this will help you in your ultimate decision on what candle flavor to choose.

Too Rich Too Much?

So a big problem I’ve seen with people is that they end up buying candles that might just be too strong, and I don’t mean how much it can project but rather the scent itself. Not everyone can handle a deep fragrance or very richly scented candles, no matter how much you try and force yourself too! Some people are just built for lighter scents such as floral scents. Strong scents like a deep coffee flavor or sharp cinnamon might just be too much.

While searching for a candle some of it, to put it simply, just comes from what you know you might already like. If you love the smell of vanilla, you know you might like a scent such as vanilla lavender. As well as if you love cinnamon you might love a cinnamon apple flavor candle. If a candle is too much for you or “too rich” try a lighter scent.


Well, by this point you might already have your perfect scent picked out, and great if you do! If not you will soon enough! Although one thing people often overlook is location! If you have a beautiful scent you want to make sure that the candle will be able to be kept in sight, in a beautiful location. Candles are obviously great for making a room smell amazing, but they can also make or break a mood set in maybe a room with dimmed lights, or if you just want to make your room pop a little more. There’s just something about the little flame of a candle that can ignite a little flame in our souls that make us feel welcomed, and at home. Location matter just as much as flavor, I think we can all agree on that!

The Perfect Scent

The perfect scent for some will just come to them, for others they may have to search for while which is alright, they aren’t going anywhere! As you set out on your quest to find the perfect flavored candle keep the few pointers mentioned today in mind. Finding the best candle for you can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Remember:

  • What season is it? Will the scent you’re going after match the current season? Not only can this make finding a candle easy, but it’ll help bring in the holiday spirits!
  • What’s the mood you want to set? A candle will do much more than just act as a scent and a decoration! A scent can set the mood, and if you’re like a lot of people and use the same candle every day, it’ll set that same mood every day. Pick a scent that will set a mood you’ll enjoy coming home to everyday.
  • Too Much? Nobody likes a scent that every time they smell it feels like it’s suffocating them. This can usually happen with deeper flavored candles. When buying a candle make sure it’s a scent you can handle smelling constantly. This seems obvious but can be overlooked sometimes! If a scent is too rich, try a lighter one!

As long as you’ve followed some of key points mentioned above, you’ll find your perfect scent in no time, and one that you’ll love for days maybe even weeks to come! Your perfect candle flavor is closer than you think!

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