Wax Warmers- Are They Better Than Candles?

Wax Warmers- Are They Better Than Candles?

Not everyone knows what wax warmers are, but everyone loves a good candle. (seems to be a very common statement on this site)! But as we all know, candles can be expensive, and the only way to save money with them is to, well, either get a cheap candle or get smaller candles, which over time actually end up being more expensive.

What if there was another way though? Another way to get the scent of a beautiful candle without having to go out and buy an entire new candle? Well there is a way!

The answer is wax warmers. These are basically candles except in my opinion in the long term a bit cheaper!

Today we will be going over the possible benefits of owning a wax warmer over a candle and the possible not so benefits of owning one!

What Is A Wax Warmer And How Does It Work?

So before we get into a argument between the pros and cons of owning a wax warmer, we’re first going to go over what a wax warmer is!

So the way a wax warmer works when you plug it into an outlet, there’s a small bulb beneath a plate, this plate is where you will put your wax. The bulb heats the plate and the wax melts, releasing its beautiful scent. Sounds pretty cool right?Wax Melter

Since there isn’t any flame almost directly in contact with the wax the smell is a bit cleaner or crisp I guess you could say. This also means that the scent itself is going to be a little lighter in terms of strength.

Strong Enough?

So as mentioned prior, since the wax warmer doesn’t have a flame in almost direct contact with the wax, the scent isn’t going to be as strong. Now although this is true, the strength in my opinion is still strong enough to be smelt through any room no matter the size (this will also depend on the scent you are using, quite similar to a candle).

Some wax scents are going to be a little lighter in strength and other wax scents with richer, deeper notes such as cinnamon or cedar wood might be a bit stronger to the nose. The key is to get a quality wax melter that you know is going to melt the wax at the right temperatures to ensure the best scent. Don’t get me wrong, the best wax melter isn’t necessarily the most expensive one, some wax melters that are low quality might just be made with a low quality bulb, meaning the less heat, the less the scent is being aromatized, which is what we don’t want in a wax melter!

Are Wax Melters Cheaper To Use?

So, this is kind of a yes and no answer. Short term, no. unfortunately since you have to buy the initial wax melter as well as wax it may not be cheaper to begin with but that leads me to my next answer which is long term, yes they are cheaper! The reason I say this is that after the initial purchase of the wax melter and wax, all you have to do is buy more wax when you run out. The wax you buy for wax melters is also pretty cheap compared to buying a new candle.Wax Warmer

With candles you have to continuously purchase them when you run out, and quality candles aren’t too cheap. Think of it this way, you may purchase a burger for $8 but if you were to make your own burger lets say with buns, meat and cheese and toppings you pay a total of $15. You may pay more upfront but with what you purchased at the store it’ll allow you to make more than just 1 burger so overall it was cheaper in the long run. This is the same with a wax warmer, you pay more upfront but over time it will pay for itself.

Does it Make Scents?

So we sort of touched on the scent a little but not much. If you take two of the same scents from a candle and wax warmer and stick them side by side, the candle will always be stronger. But the smell itself will be different from both. Remember there isn’t any flame almost in direct contact with the candle warmer so even though the scent may be a bit weaker, you’ll get a clear smell of the different notes within the wax. With candles since the flame is so close, sometimes some notes within the candle get a little drawn out.

Personally I love the scent from both. Usually I have a wax warmer going and if I’m going to have any company over or if I just want a stronger scent I’ll turn off my wax warmer and light a candle that way I get the best of both worlds. If you prefer something stronger you may prefer candles. If you like something a bit more consistent with its scent and possibly a bit cheaper in the long run it sounds like you may like a wax warmer more. Just experiment and you’ll find your favorite of the two!

I hope this has helped you! If you have any questions or would love to share your favorite between candles and wax warmers leave them down below! Thank You!

Response to "Wax Warmers- Are They Better Than Candles?"

  • I agree with you that this is a more affordable solution in a long run and definitely the smell is still very consistent. In my opinion, they might be even less hazardous than candles.
    Thanks for Your advice!

  • Hi what a fantastic post. this is so full of useful information. I love candles and have so many of them from friends and family as the years have past. I can’t wait to dig deeper and start utilizing the resources you have given me. Your exuberance is resourceful.

  • Very informative post! Coming from someone who doesn’t know much about candles, let alone wax warmers. I didn’t even know these existed! I’m not huge on candles, but my wife loves them and essential oil diffusers. I’ll bring this topic up to her and see if she knows anything about it. Great post!

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